Sunset Paddles

Price: $55  (minimum 2 up to 6 paddlers)

This is an evening to night-time paddle approximately 90 minutes to two hours. Pack your picnic basket and join us for sunset paddle on the Indian River.

Bring your choice of beverage, cheese and crackers and other edible delights. Join us for a leisurely paddle to one of our favorite Indian River island spots. A sandy beach, a pink and orange hued evening sky and the sounds of nature around you. Enjoy the moment.

Great for wedding proposals, private parties or if you just want to soak up the sound of the river and enjoy the evening sky.

In the late summer months we might be able to see some dinoflagelets on the way back. Its an algae blooming that makes for the bio-luminescene when you dip your paddle in the water.

What to bring: A happy face, your choice of beverage, food etc. (you would want to bring cups, napkins and any needed utensils).

Call us to set up an appointment and any special requests.