Paddle board Lessons

Despite getting relaxed and stress relieved, SUP Paddling in the Indian River will let you be surrounded by nature and some wildlife like turtles, pelicans, and fish.

There are some unique spots in this river to enjoy fun paddling.

Having a stable board allows you to learn the sport fast and in an efficient way.

Paddling with a SUP is a great way to escape the city hustle and bustle to get connected to mother nature.


Connect with Nature

Paddleboard touring in a small group of up to four paddlers is more recommended.

You will get memories and experience the connection with the wildlife in a more calm way. Paddling safety is always the first thing to think of.

Having a certified guide or an experienced paddler with you is important if get stuck.

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge has great paddling spots viewing the wildlife.



Paddling on moonless nights has more chances of experiencing bioluminescence.

This experience is limited to experienced paddlers in order to stay safe.

You should always keep an eye on the weather before going paddling.